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Dr Patrick Gannon, Founder of Peak Performance Systems

Patrick Gannon, Ph.D. is a Clinical and Performance Psychologist in San Francisco and San Rafael. He provides coaching services with a range of performers–musicians, dancers, athletes, public speakers–anyone who has problems with performance anxiety impacting their ability to perform at an optimal level. He also provides peak performance training and consultation on specific performance issues.

Patrick is available in person, via phone and Zoom. Please contact him at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

Peak Performance 101

Performance anxiety and peak performance are two sides of the same coin. When performance anxiety is up, peak performance will be down. Performance anxiety shreds peak performance functioning and inhibits access to the flow state. Performance anxiety consists of some 50 symptoms over five categories of functioning—physiological, emotional, cognitive, psychological and behavioral. It is now considered a stand-alone anxiety disorder, far more debilitating than the popular term “stage fright” would suggest. Many performers—musicians, athletes, actors, public speakers and storytellers—also feel a secret shame for simply having performance anxiety and as a result, never got the help they needed to treat it once and for all.

Today, new brain-based techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cardio Imagery & Rehearsal (CIR) offer a deeper and more curative treatment than symptom-focused techniques used in the past. For those with severe and persistent performance anxiety, often dating back to childhood or tied to a specific poor performance, these techniques are especially effective, rapid and permanent.

Performance anxiety does not have to be the albatross around your neck when you step on stage, the field, the court or the podium. It is TREATABLE and Patrick is here to help.

Conquering Performance Anxiety

Here is a recent podcast I did with the public speaking coach Lisa Wentz in identifying the  psychological origins of of this type of performance anxiety.

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Find out more how Dr Patrick Gannon and BrainScripting can help you by meeting in San Francisco or globally via Zoom.

University of North Texas Faculty Retreat

Keynote by Dr. Patrick Gannon
“Integrating Mental Health Initiatives Into Music Pedagogy”
Tuesday, January 10, 2023