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Peak Performance Systems is a 6 session program, usually provided over a 2 week period, to prepare you for a performance event of any kind: athletic, the arts, public speaking, job interview, test-taking, medical procedure or sales presentations. Dr Patrick Gannon provides a free consultation via phone to answer any questions you have about the program.

Initial Session

During your initial session, you will receive an orientation about the program. You will also be given a workbook to document your work and responses as you proceed through the program. The performance work is timed to best help you perform for an upcoming event on your calendar.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, sessions are available in Dr. Gannon’s San Francisco office. In special circumstances, he is willing to travel to your location to provide services. Dr. Gannon is also available via Skype.

Individual Sessions

In some cases, clients may prefer to receive a performance consultation on an individual, session by session basis, rather than taking the Peak Performance Program in its entirety. Individual sessions can be arranged via email or phone. Individual therapy is sometimes recommended to resolve deeper psychological issues that may be impeding your functioning as a worker or performer. In such cases, Dr. Gannon will inform the client of his professional recommendations.

Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Dr. Gannon also provides individual and couple therapy for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, life transitions, personality conflicts, addictions, grief and relationship issues. Dr. Gannon founded an Award Winning Couples Workshop, Marriage Prep 101 with his wife, Dr. Michelle Gannon.

He has successfully applied the BrainScripting program for himself in athletic, public speaking and performance endeavors.

Building Resilience in the Face Of COVID-19