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Many jobs involve high stress situations where making critical life and death decisions comes wit the territory. Police, firemen, returning war veterans, bank tellers, security personnel, hospital ER attendants, child welfare investigators, and gang outreach counselors are some of the many jobs where your physical or mental safety can be compromised. If you suffered from a critical incident, you may need help resolving the experience to prevent future psychological symptoms. Post-traumatic stress occurs every day for thousands of Americans who serve the community in one capacity or another. For emergency personnel whose primary job is to respond to such incidents, you may benefit from learning peak performance skills BEFORE you start the job. Managing stressful situations involves controlling your physiological arousal that can inhibit thinking, judgement and crisis management. There are specific tools that can help prepare you to do your best in those situations. Review the website for more information about using some of the new brain technologies now available that can help  you perform your best. Please contact us if you have any questions about how we may be of help.