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Welcome to the next generation of PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAINING!

We are introducing a revolutionary new program called BrainScripting. BrainScripting is based on the latest brain research that shows how to rewire your brain to install mental scripts that will help you perform your best. No matter what your past experience in performing has been, you can now INSTALL new behaviors and performance capabilities that will dramatically improve your performance.


Based on the concept of Neuroplasticity, researchers have proven that the human brain—at all ages of life—can create new brain circuits with repeated, deliberate practice of the desired behavior. These new circuits can be programmed to support specific performance behaviors called BrainScripts—performance narratives that you create that activates your skills and talents as a performer. By imagining how you want to perform and then applying the new brain techniques described below, BrainScripts are installed which allows for ready access on demand in the performance situation. Rather than trying to suppress past performance failures encoded in the old brain circuits, these new BrainScripts effectively bypass those corrupted circuits that have limited your past efforts.

State-of-the-art brain techniques such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Cardio Imagery & Rehearsal and Mindfulness Meditation are used to install the new BrainScripts.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a widely established treatment for post-traumatic stress that is now being applied to peak performance training. EMDR works by synchronizing the right and left hemispheres to enhance information processing capabilities. By balancing the logical capabilities of the left brain with the creative, synthesizing potential of the right brain, performers can evoke elements of Flow which is recognized as an optimal performance state. EMDR can both clear out past performance anxiety and performance blockages as well as install the new BrainScripts that support peak performance.

Meditation Techniques

Brain-1024X1024Mindfulness Meditation is an age-old technique that is also being applied to performance situations. Meditation allows us to let go of distracting thoughts and facilitates concentration and focus. The ability to focus on the performance task at hand enables the high level of engagement necessary to do your best. Mindfulness Meditation is a foundation skill that also creates the cross hemisphere synchronization that is so powerful in performance situations

These new brain-based techniques are delivered in a Three Stage Program that prepares you in a step by step way to perform your best. By preparing for your performance, rehearsing the performance using these revolutionary techniques and activating the Flow state on demand on the day of your performance, you will be amazed at how effective you can be.