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In this economy with an unemployment rate of 10% or more, it is more critical than ever that you perform your best when interviewing for a job. With thousands of people out of work and many competitors for the few quality jobs that are available, you need every advantage to impress prospective employers. With pressure to perform well comes anxiety which can degrade your presentation skills, distract you in responding to questions and undermine your self-confidence. As with any situation where presenting yourself well is essential, you need a plan for how to handle the pressures of a job interview. You must present yourself as professional, knowledgeable, capable of working with others. effective in your approach to workflow issues and be a good communicator. In short, employers want the moon when it comes to new hires. Having a plan that emphasizes your strengths, be prepared to participate in stress interviews and skill measurement and tests are only a few of the hoops that you may be asked to jump through. Review this website to learn more about performance anxiety and what you can do to present yourself in the best light. Please contact us if you have any questions.