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Singers have a unique performance challenge owing to the range of performance anxiety symptoms that inhibit vocal expression, such as dry mouth, shallow breathing and muscle tension in the throat. For classical and opera singers, the margin of error is even smaller as even minor mistakes in vocalization, tone or musical expression can be immediately noticed by the audience who expect superior performances. As a result, it is incumbent upon singers to fully prepare for performances in a way that enhances concentration, attention, focus, emotional regulation and activation management. Of critical importance is learning the technical aspects of the material sufficiently to allow time for a focusing on the performance issues in the weeks and month leading up to a performance date. Many performers have developed their own repertoire of skills, strategies, tools and techniques to address the performance challenges. New brain research offers hope for the singer who is struggling with performance anxiety or performance inhibition. Please read about these exciting new performance technologies in this website and contact us if you have any questions.