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Perfectionism Is NOT Your Friend!

Perfectionism has historically assumed an insidious presence in the performing arts field. Treated with benign tolerance by those who work with performers, the time has come to acknowledge the pervasive, negative effects based on current research. While some may see…

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​The Neuroscience of Peak Performance and Flow

What is happening in the minds and bodies of musicians when they play their best? Are peak performance and flow simply subjective perceptions of performance excellence?  Or are they distinct mental states, sets of optimal behaviors, a heightened sense of self-confidence…

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KQED Forum – Choking

KQED's Forum radio show had an interesting show on the psychology of "choking", otherwise known as performance anxiety. Focusing on the trials and tribulations of Jordan Williamson, a freshman field goal kicker for Stanford who missed three crucial field goals…

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Tips for Dealing With Test Anxiety

Test anxiety is defined as excessive worry about doing well on a test, either before the test or while taking a test. Test anxiety is the same as performance anxiety that triggers a range of physiological symptoms in response to…

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Can The Flow State Be Triggered On Demand?

There has long been awareness that performers in all disciplines are capable of entering a particular mental state that yields optimal performance. Typically referred to as “flow” or “being in the zone”, performance psychologists prefer the term “flow”, named and…

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